Really enjoyed your photos. I am keen photographer and left Montrose in 81. You have an affinity for the landscape and people. I congratulate you. You have caught the emotion of the area. Well done. Good incentive to get back again.

David Stewart

Fabulous pictures

I love them all but I especially love the landscapes. We need more dogs in them though. I am particularly fond of landscapes with dogs!!
Penny, Edinburgh.

Like your shots Brian

I like your shots and we are both trying to do the same thing... let the world see how we are so lucky to live in a beautiful part of the my uncle said "we are just passing through", but I added, don't forget to visit Montrose!

Keeping on shooting the shots!

Many thanks for your courtesy and the excellent photgraph. I think it is superb and my wife is very pleased to receive it.
Pete, Armitage.


Just to say I have had a look at your photographs. They are excellent, hope your venture goes well. I am sure it will do with images of such quality. Rhona, Glamis, Angus.

Eyes on Montrose (and Angus)

Just a note to thank you for producing such fine work. Having been offered a post in your area last year, and finally moving myself and my family from the deep south (essex) in the next few weeks in order to start there, you might like to know that whenever we're trying to imagine what the area is like, it's your work we turn to to help us. We're looking forward to seeing the town, and the area around it, that you've captured so well. Perhaps it's an unusual use of Gable End and Flickr, but it's been very worthwhile nonetheless.
Best wishes
Martin (Essex)

Montrose seafront photo

I was looking for a photo of Montrose and you had some lovely shots. I wanted to use one of the Montrose seafront pictures in the June issue of Motoring & Leisure magazine to accompany an editorial piece about the area.
So, I hereby request your permission to use this image.
Many thanks,
Sarah - picture researcher for Motoring & Leisure magazine.
Sarah Harvey

Great photos! I am interested in purchasing some. It's great to see the town of my ancestors; would love some photos for my office.
Alli, USA.


Superb photos, what a great web-site. Do we get a discount for bulk buying?:-)
Lynda, Montrose.


Well must say, how impressed am I??!! What a fantastic website.

Jennifer, Edinburgh,Scotland.
Jennifer McDougall

Bra' Photies

Love your web site. Photos brilliant.

Lorna, Hawick, Scotland
Lorna Murray

Fabby Photos!

Is there no end to your talents!!
Fabby photos.
Moira, Ferryden, Angus